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Affordable Spa Cleaning in Venice, FL! We offer Full Service Spa Cleaning, Spa Chemical Testing Services and Spa Cleaning without Chemicals. There are also more natural options that we can offer like Mineral Spa Cleaning for those that prefer to not use chlorine or bromine type products, for this we can investigate options like using Silver Spa Cleaning and Copper Spa Cleaning. Our CPO Certified Spa Cleaning Techs in Venice will treat each Spa as its own and not same as all the rest. We are experienced, knowledgeable and not afraid to say we will research it and find out! We have partnered up with various local companies to ensure you have the safest, cleanest and most relaxing Spa experience we can offer.

Full Service Spa Cleaning includes:

  • Visiting Your Spa 1 day per week.
  • Check your Spas chemicals then email and/or text you the Spa chemical levels and how much we added and of what kind.
  • Brush the sides and bottom of your Spa as needed.
  • Skim the top of the water in your Spa as needed so it looks nice and shiny!
  • Net any debris floating in your Spas water so it looks beautiful and clear!
  • Net the bottom of your Spa to collect everything that doesn't belong there so your Spas stays clean, soft and comfy!
  • Check your Spas equipment to make sure everything looks great and no damage or visual leaks.
  • Clean out your Spas skim basket of any debris to keep your Spa pump running optimally allowing water to flow smooth and help you relax!
  • Clean your Spas filter to make sure you maximize your water flow and clarity of Spa water for full Spa pleasure!
  • Chemical Checking

    • There is only 1 way to keep a Spa balanced properly and that is checking the Spas different types of chemicals or natural sanitizer levels each and every visit to maintenance your Spa.
  • Spa Brushing

    • Spa Waterline Brushing

      We will use a magic eraser to wipe down the top and waterline of your spa to keep it clean, smooth and odor free!

Spa Chemicals are what keeps your spa water properly balanced and safe to relax in! More details on Spa chemicals can be found here List of Spa Chemicals and Descriptions

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